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Life is a matter of choices. What choices are you making?
It's time to Choose Your Happy Life!


Speaker & Workplace Happiness Consultant

Meet Jenn

Don't just talk about it, be about it!


Every choice you make is either bringing you closer or further from your goals and dreams. Want that promotion? What are you doing to get it? Want to be an influential leader? How are you developing yourself?

Choose Your Happy Life was founded on my firm belief that happiness is a personal choice. Not only is it a personal choice (how incredibly amazing that we have that power) but it is something that we are completely worthy of and capable of achieving. 

"Everything about your talk was inspiring, raw, honest, and approachable. You helped connect bridges and challenge ourselves to get unstuck so we can live the lives we want and be who we want to become. Thank you so much Jenn DeWall! You are the epitome of resilience, class, and sass!”

Matthis Pluska,

“We received almost immediate feedback that our employees LOVED her energy and the safe space she brought to our session. If you need a speaker that can engage, interact, and bring joy to something we all hide in the dark from, I would definitely recommend Jenn." 

Yvonne Guerrero,

“I have worked with Jenn on multiple occasions and I can confidently say that she is the glue that has made our events AMAZING every time. Jenn brings energy, life, and passion to each conversation. You can count on her to perfectly pair humor and deep, meaningful conversation in everything she does. If you are looking for a great speaker, look no further than Jenn! She has the energy of a Peloton instructor.”  

Hannah Annalora

General Assembly

"The moment I spoke with Jenn I knew she would be the perfect keynote speaker for our association. Jenn engaged us all with her high energy and words of wisdom! She spoke to us about confidence and imposter syndrome and provided practical tools and takeaways for our members. I highly recommend Jenn if you are looking for a relatable, memorable speaker who is also a pleasure to work with!"

Leigh Laughlin,

Denver Metro BOMA

“A cup of coffee in human form.”

“Jenn DeWall our presenter delivered the webinar with warmth, domain expertise, enthusiasm and most of all humility. She really connected and that's what I loved the most.”

"Jenn is natural, humble, comfortable in her skin and authentic"



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