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13 Mistakes to Stop Making at Work

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Be aware of these common mistakes that can derail your career

Too often people are making avoidable mistakes that can negatively impact their career. These mistakes can make it more difficult to get a promotion or work on the next big project. They can prevent your growth. If you want to avoid some career hiccups, check out the 13 Mistakes to Stop Making At Work.

Mistakes are for learning, not for repeating.
  1. Looking vertically and not laterally for promotions. Don’t limit yourself by thinking the only way for growth is up.  You’ll develop a broader skill set by looking laterally.2.

  2. Bad attitude. If you really hate your job, quit or change your attitude. Work can be as amazing or painful as YOU choose it to be.

  3. Saying yes to everything. Want to move up? Stop getting bogged down in menial tasks that aren’t developing you.

  4. Getting drunk at work functions. Yeah, it might sound like fun but your reputation is still being created whether you’re outside of work or not.

  5. Not having goals. Stop wasting your time and start consciously investing in your time.  Set goals and accomplishments to work towards. Bonus, it will boost your confidence.

  6. Expecting someone to advocate for you. If you want success, you have to be your biggest believer.

  7. Not having a mentor. A mentor is there for guidance and support.  They can show you the ropes and help you prep for your future. Find one ASAP.

  8. Gossiping. Talking bad about people is a reflection of your character, not theirs. Plus, it drains your energy and makes you annoyed which hurts your productivity and morale.

  9. Not caring what you look like. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

  10. Working longer and not smarter. Working long hours doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a hard worker, it could also signal that you don’t know how to prioritize.

  11. Comparing yourself to your co-workers. This only erodes your confidence and decreases your motivation. Focus on what you can do to be better and grow, not what others are doing.

  12. Not having a to do list. Be more efficient and productive by writing things down. It will help you stay on task and reduce stress.

  13. No work-life balance. Work cannot be your entire life.  Enjoy a personal life that fuels you.  The happier you are at home, that happier you will be at work and vise versa.


Jenn DeWall, Denver Motivational Speaker, Confidence Expert, Millennial Career & Life Coach

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