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How to Get Out of a Rut

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Tips and techniques to get yourself unstuck.

I hate it. One day I’m on top of the world and then WHAM, out of nowhere I’m lost running aimlessly down the wrong path. I feel unmotivated and blue. It seems to come out of thin air. I’m not even aware I’m heading into a rut until I’m deep in it. It impacts every facet of my life from my career to relationships.  When I’m in the rut I feel powerless and like I have no control over my life. Do you ever feel this?

You may know a rut in other words, perhaps it’s feeling stuck or struggling.  And I’m here to tell you that those feelings are totally normal and many people feel this way.  

Just because you are feeling stuck today does not mean that you are never going to obtain your goals.

It doesn’t mean you’re failing or losing at life.  It means there’s an opportunity to refocus on what’s important to you in your life. So instead of letting the struggle consume your life, focus on these steps to work with the struggle versus against it.

  1. Give yourself a day. Emotions are beautiful indicators and should be acknowledged and not ignored. Acknowledge what you’re feeling and lean into it.  Journal or perform a relaxing activity to step into the feeling and understand why you’re having it.  Are you struggling at work? Too stressed? Ask yourself the questions so you can understand yourself instead of judging the emotions.

  2. Let go of being perfect.  You’re in a rut and it’s okay.  What’s not okay is over analyzing how much you think you suck.  Give yourself space to be exactly where and who you are right now.

  3. Write down your goals. This is the refocus opportunity.  Write down 3-5 goals that you want to accomplish in the next few months.  Make sure the goals align with your happiness, career and personal success.

  4. Write down a list of 10 small steps you can do today to help you align with your goals. It’s important for the steps to be small as you’re already in a funk.  You don’t want to use what little energy you may have and exhaust it be taking steps that are too overwhelming.

  5. Commit to a deadline.  By when do you want to complete the 10 steps?

  6. Take Action. Once you recommit to your goals and create small steps then take ACTION.  Action is one of the best ways to quiet anxiety and the voices that are saying you’re stuck or failing at life.

Remember feeling stuck is not a life sentence.  With awareness and an action plan you will get your groove back.  You’ve got this! Choose Your Happy Life!

Jenn DeWall, Career & Life coach for Millennials, Motivational Speaker, Confidence Expert

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