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Ask a life coach

How to Trust Yourself
Tips from a Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker

If we don't trust ourselves we become risk-averse and our confidence wavers, ie we're essentially giving up on ourselves, goals and dreams. We also are choosing to give our power to others versus harnessing it from within.  As a life coach, I empower my young professional women clients to look to themselves first before others for permission and acceptance.


Here are my life coach tips for how to trust yourself:


1. Honor your own promises you make to yourself. By keeping our promises to ourselves we're telling ourselves we matter and our goals matter.  The more that we honor our promises the more our trust in our abilities grows.


2. Check your self-talk. Listen to how you're talking to yourself.  Write a judgment journal and keep track of all of the messages you're telling yourself.  Are you telling yourself you're not good enough or you'll never be able to do something? If so then you are undermining your trust.  Use the judgment journal as a tool to create awareness so you can reframe the self-talk conversations.  


3. Let go of your old story. Did you make a mistake in the past? Did you do something you aren't proud of? Don't worry, we all have.  However, the only way you can trust yourself is by making peace with your past.  Acknowledge the things from your past that you're still holding on to and give yourself permission to let it go.  Trust that you are a different person today and you're learned the valuable lessons from the mistakes and will use that to make different choices in the future. 


4. Give yourself permission to have boundaries.  This is critical as we're saying it's totally okay to want what you want.  We give ourselves permission to be authentic and not succumb to others expectations or wants.  


5. Try a new routine.  Doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity.  If you find that a process isn't working for you, let it go, find a new avenue.  This builds trust in ourselves because we can see that we are adaptable and resistant to the obstacles that may come our way.

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