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Ask a life coach

How to Set Goals!
Tips from a life coach: 

For many people, the process of setting goals typically goes like this: Create a goal, either keep it in your head or write it down.  We don't take into account important questions like, what are the specifics, by when do I want to accomplish this goal and most importantly how will I celebrate accomplishing the goal. This goal-setting process is ineffective for most people. As a life & career coach for young professional women, I'm always partnering with my clients to ensure they're setting up goals in a way that makes them easy to follow, manage and succeed. 


Here are my life coach tips for how to set goals via my MMM S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting process:


1.  Identify your goal


2. The MMM is the amazing feeling you're going to have when you accomplish the goal.  It's also the first part of the goal-setting process.  Once you have the goal established, identify 3 metrics or ways you are taking action on your goals regardless of any circumstance or obstacle that should arise.


Minimum: Ask yourself, what's the minimum you can do and still feel like you're working toward your goal?

Middle: Using more action than the Minimum metric, identify a little bit more you could do and still feel like you're accomplishing your goal, This must not be the same as the minimum or maximum.

Maximum:  What is the maximum amount of action that you can take to accomplish your goal?  The trick to this process is flexibility! Give yourself room for life to happen and know that as long as you're within your determined metrics you're still making progress.


3. Start the S.M.A.R.T. goal process.


S: Specific:  What is the specific first step that I need to take to accomplish this goal?

M: Measure:  How will you measure the success of your goal?

A: Achievable:  Ask yourself, is this goal achievable? If not re-work the goal, maybe break it into smaller pieces.

R: Result: What is the result that you're going to feel or have when you accomplish this goal and why is it important?

T: Time: This is two-fold, first ask yourself by when are you going to accomplish the first step.  Then by when will you accomplish your goal?


Best of luck with your goals! We all need them to continue to grow and challenge ourselves!

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