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Ask a life coach

How to Say NO!
Tips from a life coach: 

You're slammed at work, strapped for cash, want to work out but feel like you have to go to the happy hour even though you don't want to.  Sound familiar? Women have a natural tendency to play the role of superwoman, we try to be everything to everyone.  The problem with this approach is that we often forget about ourselves and what's important to us! By putting others before us all of the time our stress and anxiety increases and our confidence decreases.  That's why it's important to learn how to say "NO" so you can say yes to you! This is a common problem I life coach my young professional women clients on. Step into your power and start saying YES to YOU!


Remember we always have a choice.  Our business and happiness starts with what we say yes and no to. exercise your power of NO!


Here are my life coach tips for how to say NO:


1. No

2. No thank you

3. I have plans that day

4. I'd rather spend my money on something else (instead of I can't afford it)

5. It's not a good time

6. I'm really busy.

7. Veto

8. Negative

9. Not now

10.  I'm not your girl for this one

11. Doesn't sound like it's going to be the right fit

12. I can't make it work

13. Thanks for thinking of me but it's not going to work

14. I would love too but not at this time

15. I'm a little stretched now but can you keep me posted about it in the future?

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