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Ask a career coach

How to Manage Stress
Tips from a career coach

My career coach tips on how to reduce stress at work!

1. Exercise

2. Say "No"

3. Write down a list of stressors and ask yourself, what can I do to reduce their impact?

4. Eat a healthy diet

5. Get sleep

6. Spend time doing things that bring you joy

7. Take a walk

8. Put on your favorite song and allow yourself to enjoy it

9. Keep a positive attitude and outlook

10. Engage in a conversation

11. Set up boundaries for people that stress you out

12. Let go of ego, be willing to compromise

13. Be open in your communications

14. Practice deep breathing. Take three deep inhales and exhales

15. Meditate

16. Make a list of what you are looking forward to in the coming week

17. Drink water

18. Send a text to a friend

19. Think of a funny memory

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