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Ask a career coach

How to Find Work-Life Balance
Tips from a career coach

We spend so much time at work that it can be considered our second home! However, it's not and for your own health and sanity, you need to create boundaries that allow you to manage your life inside and outside of the office!


Here are my career coach tips for creating work/life balance:


  1. Unplug.  Designate point times that you can check your work e-mail when you're out of the office.  Or pick one or two nights when you're phone free for the evening, that means no e-mail or social media.  Connect with what's in front of you!  When you answer email during personal time it can add stress and anxiety to an environment or situation where there wasn't any before. It also takes away your happiness with those that are outside of work.

  2. Embrace the flaws and let go of perfection.  The only way that you can be the best in your career is to make mistakes, learn from them and grow.  If every task has to be perfect we're lessening our ability to grow and evolve.

  3. Create a to-do list at work and stick to it! Plan your tasks at the start of each week and create a schedule and time to work on them.  By adding more structure to your workweek and planning ahead you can get out of work on time!

  4. Avoid people that hijack your workday.  Everyone has a co-worker that will distract you and talk your ear off taking away the time you have to do your work.

  5. Say "No" to projects that don't help you grow or give you exposure to management to high light your skillset.

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