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Ask a life coach

How to Challenge Yourself
Tips from a life coach: 

If you're not growing you're dying. It's an expression that I think fully reflects why we're confident and fulfilled.  When we challenge ourselves by learning new things or trying new adventures we're building inspiration within to continually pursue growth and happiness for ourselves.  As a life & career coach for Millennial women, setting up challenges for my clients is the primary goal.  The more risks we take, the more risk-averse we become which translates into further success. Check out my tips on how to challenge yourself!


Here are my life coach tips for how to challenge yourself:


1. Never stop learning. Read a book, take a class or webinar, do something that scares you.  When we learn we grow, the more awareness that we have we're then able to inspire those around us.   Everyone is a leader and every time we invest in ourselves we can share our knowledge and experiences with others to help them grow. What have you been wanting to try but haven't yet?


2. Start a random conversation with a stranger! Break out of your comfort zone and have a conversation with someone new.  It doesn't have to be a deep conversation, start with "How's your day going?" and see where it takes you.  Give yourself the opportunity to learn from someone that you wouldn't have normally talked to.  This is great for those that don't attend networking events as you can still build connections through a random conversation.  


3. Create a budget. Set financial goals at the beginning of the week about how much you want to spend.  Sometimes when we think about what we want to save in the long term it can be overwhelming.  This is a great small step that you can take to develop better financial habits in the future.


4. Connect with someone from your past.  As we grow older our lives change and we lose touch with people that were once a big part of our lives.  I often find myself wishing I still talked to my college roommates but now can feel awkward reaching out since we lost touch, this is common for many of us.  Send a Facebook message, write a comment on Instagram, send a nice text message, or give them a call!  


5. Take a social media break.  Give yourself an hour-long break from any electronics or social media for an hour a night and use your time to exercise, journal, play with your family or pets, call a friend or maybe cook a new meal.


6. Get to know yourself! Do something by yourself.  Got to a movie that you've been wanting to see, go to a concert or try out the hot new restaurant.  You will be surprised by how liberating it feels and how much that can shift your confidence and inspire you to take greater risks. 


7. Create a bucket list of your dreams. Take time to write down everything you want to do, both personally and professionally. Write down places you want to travel, things you want to try, things you want to learn, basically anything that's in your head get it out and put it on paper.  Try and suspend any judgment or negative thinking that tells you it's not possible.  Everything is entirely possible, but first, you have to get clear on what you want.

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